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Hire of CHESS

Here you will see the excellent variety of rooms and fantastic facilities we have available to hire.   

Rooms can be set up before you arrive, simply let us know how you would like the chairs and tables arranged and we will have it ready for you.

Below are photographs and information on some of the rooms, and at the bottom is a full price list.

 If you would like information on any of our rooms or would like to check availability, please contact us on either 02476 757100, or e-mail

Information for Hirers

 Opening Times

The centre is open for bookings from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 5pm Fridays. It is also available Saturdays and Sundays.  If you require further assistance regarding opening times please do not hesitate to contact Reception staff. 

Note:  Rooms can be equipped with 

A Projector and Screen, Laptop, a large Television, Video and DVD player.  Use of these facilities must be booked in advance.

Insurance Charges

Insurance must be provided either by the hirer or the use of County Council insurance must be taken.  This is charged at 12.5% of the hire charge. If you are not being charged for use of the room then this charge for insurance will be based on what you would be paying if full prices were being paid. 

Catering and Refreshments

When booking a room you will be asked if you require refreshments or catering to be provided during your booking. 

Refreshments such as tea, coffee, water and  biscuits can be provided on request at the following charges:

Up to a 2 hour booking:            70 pence per person

2 to 4 hour booking:                 £1.10 per person

All day booking:                        £1.60 per person

Buffets can be organised for your group.  An external caterer is used for this.  If you would like the centre to organise a buffet please note this will incur an administration charge equalling to 10% of the total buffet price.  You may also arrange your own buffets. 

Groups are welcome to bring their own refreshments.  Facilities are available for use by groups to make their own refreshments provided they bring their own ingredients.  Instructions for use of equipment can be obtained from Reception staff and all mess that is made must be cleared after use. 



Formal Conference Suite

Note:  The two conference suites open up through a dividing wall to maximise space and accommodate a maximum of 100 people.  This space is ideal for large meetings, conferences and events. 

Informal Conference Suite

This room is in an L-shape design and provides a more informal setting for meetings and events.  This room is set at a maximum capacity of 60 people.  The room lends itself to be arranged in many different formations and the seating is comfortable armchairs and sofas.

The room is equipped with a hot water urn and interactive whiteboard.



Note:  The two conference suites open up through a dividing wall to maximise space and accommodate a maximum of 100 people.  This space is ideal for large meetings, conferences and events. 

IT Suite

This is a fully functional computer room containing 10 computers for use.  An ideal use for this room would be for training.  All computers have access to the Internet and Microsoft packages.  The room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard.



Large Hall

This is the largest space in the building; it can hold up to 200 people as a maximum.  This room is ideal for a range of events varying from parties, weddings, wakes to conferences, team building events and sporting activities.



Wet Arts Room

This room is great for creative activities and can accommodate up to 6 people, making it a fun and intimate space to hold workshops and events. 

The room is equipped with a sink to make it an ideal self-contained work space.  This room is part of the youth centre and is used during the evenings by club members. 



The Den


This area is used as a youth centre in the evenings and can be hired during the day and weekends.  The room boasts two attractive pool tables, flat screen televisions and a Wii games console. It has casual seating which can be moved into many formations.  This room can hold 50 people and is a versatile area for events such as parties and team building events. 




Room Hire Rates


Formal Conference Suite



Formal Conference Suite 2



Joint Conference Suite



IT Suite for meetings



IT Suite + Computers




Sports groups/clubs/activities







The Den



Informal Suite



Upstairs Kitchen






Small Meeting Room



Interview Room